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About this portal

Do you sometimes ask yourself:

Why do I almost always only drive my standard route at weekends?
Why do I always choose the same holiday region?
I would often like to go on tour with other bikers, but how can I find people with the same style of driving?
I would really like to publish my tours in the Internet, but I guess nobody will find them there.

The answer to this and similar questions often is that there is simply a lack of information. One knows his standard routes and the tours at his standard holiday destination.

These missing informations are made available here.
This portal is not a discussion board for bikers, but a database where tour descriptions can be stored, and where a variety of criterias can be applied to search for suited tours and tour companions.

My Tours
Here you can, once you have registered, go directly to the tours that you entered yourself, or in which you showed interest.